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  • Casamance - Kassumai's new CD

    CDSince 1981, there has been a war between the Senegalese army and the separatists in Casamance (in the south of Senegal, West Africa). This war has affected the economy of that region and its population. Being from that area, Lucky Diop, on the Kassumai Casamance album, is calling everybody who lives in that region to embrace their ethnic differences and peacefully coexist. He is also calling on every Senegalese to work towards maintaining peace, love and unity in their country.

    On this album, Lucky sings in three different Senegalese national languages (Wolof, Diola and Mandingue) to make sure that everybody hears his message of peace and unity. In addition, Lucky utilized diverse traditional and world rhythms in order to make the connection between his music, the Senegalese and all people throughout the world.

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